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Anguilla from Caribbean islands and the British dependent territories, most of the laws of Anguilla is based on English common law and English is the primary language of business uses. Anguilla offshore companies for business development on the island, and while on the island reported in 2005, the EU tax dir., remains an important jurisdiction for those seeking solitude and zero taxation for its international companies.

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean and as such it has a high degree of political stability. Although the country essentially self-government, its legislative power to the democratically elected House of Assembly. The Constitution gives the British Governor of some of the major powers of the reserve.

As a zero-tax jurisdiction, both domestic and international companies are exempt from corporate tax, tax on dividends and capital gains and other forms of direct taxes. Residents also pay no income tax, or inheritance tax. Questions fencing, therefore, not appropriate and Anguilla are not entered into any tax treaties with other countries for tax collection. Anguilla hopes to resolve is also not taxed.

Anguilla has filed a letter with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, stating its commitment to the OECD initiative. He never mentioned in any list of non-cooperating countries, Financial Action Task Force, and is not currently tax information exchange agreements with the United States.

Such as financial services innovation Anguilla Anguilla commercial network operational registration (ACORN), the world's first online and instant company registration. Managed by Anguilla Financial Services Department and the Registrar of Companies, ACORN allows AFSA and members of their branch network of foreign agents include domestic and international companies on-line, in a quick and safe process. Using ACORN, AFSA members to instantly search the company name, company registration, and file articles of the company, annual reports and fees. For customers, this means reduced time and costs associated with the formation of companies and government compliance.

Anguilla three types of companies:

* Ordinary Company
* International Business Company
* Limited Liability Company

Companies must be incorporated through a local agent, all of which are licensed under the new management company and the law regulates the inspector managers. Government and private sector working closely together to create the best practices of managers. They are designed to ensure that through the application procedures of due diligence and approval of high standards of practice, Anguilla attracts the best business and that his reputation remains.

Relevant IBC, LLC, Limited Partnership and trust of all regulations provide a legal exemption from all forms of corporate, concealment of income or other similar taxes with respect to Anguilla International Business Companies.

Companies are usually formed instantaneously with the help of ACORN.

Ordinary Company

Ordinary company, which can be used both internally and as an Anguilla offshore vehicle is determined by the new companies. The decree contains many attractive features:

* Companies that can be included in a single parent and one director.
* Businesses that may be limited by shares under the guarantee or shares and guarantee.
* Decree abolishes the doctrine of ultra vires.
* Companies can buy, buy, or have their own shares.
* Filing formalities have been simplified.
* Companies may continue or Anguilla.
* A new class of specific private companies that are exempted from certain accounting and financial reporting

When properly structured and carefully Anguilla offshore company can afford the owners privacy and this can reduce the tax due on the profit to zero. In Anguilla there are no corporate tax, income tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, capital gains tax or income tax and, therefore, Anguilla offshore company has been a central business activity on the island as an international individuals and companies aimed at reducing their overall tax burden.

From the standpoint of the requirements of an offshore company incorporated in Anguilla must comply with the International Business Company is established in accordance with the laws and regulations of the International Business Companies Ordinance which was revised in 1994.

This law states that the release of the ICD, you need only one shareholder and shares can be issued in bearer or registered form, in addition, must have only one director and corporate or individual directors are not allowed. No details of shareholders or directors to appear on public record, but their details should be kept at the registered office of the IBC, which should be in Anguilla.

Another requirement is that an offshore company established in Anguilla must do what it is Anguilla's residents as a registered agent. Most service providers who help with the Anguilla offshore company formations offer a registered office and registered agent as part of their residential services.

With regard to reporting restrictions and accounting requirements, there is also good news for those considering the advantages of registration in Anguilla, an international company, no need to submit statements or annual reports, and only need to pay for incorporation fees annually on the anniversary of the formation of the company.

Other types of companies, which can be fitted inAnguillainclude corporations, limited liability corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships and limited liability partnerships, although by far the most important offshore company vehicle of international companies, as described above.

International Business Company

International business companies based on the traditional model and provides an easy registration and subsequent management of flexible and cost-effective enterprise. Companies registered in any other jurisdiction may be extended to Anguilla in the ICD. Anguilla IBC may, where the laws of another jurisdiction permit redomicile to such jurisdiction.

Limited Liability Company

Anguilla is one of the few jurisdictions have a law or decree specifically limited. Although the Company Ordinance has its roots in the original legislation Wyoming, Anguillian Companies LLC developed the concept further.

Anguillian LLC can easily be constructed in such a way that it has at least three of the four corporate characteristics recognized U.S. tax service, namely: (a) the continuity of life, and (b) a limited liability company, (c) centralized management, and (d) the free circulation interests. In this case, LLC will be treated as a partnership. Right, so Anguillian LLC will provide its members with limited liability, but provide the benefits of profits and losses through the Committee members.

Anguillian LLC decree has many features not found in the original laws of Wyoming, including the provision that his life may be indefinite or as otherwise provided in the agreement, LLC.

Other features include a target Anguilla choice of applicable law and regulations of the flight.

New funds is the culmination of an exhaustive study of trusts legislation of many other countries. It was decided to abolish existing laws, and hopes to replace it with an entirely new order, rather than try to change it.

Trusts decree, which has its roots in English law of confidence provides a framework so flexible that the only limitation to its use of imagination trust the doctor. In particular, the Ordinance permits commercial or charitable purpose trusts, unit investment trusts, spendthrift trusts, trusts, asset protection and the so-called option trusts. Providing hope to create a variant of the founder of trust management (in any form or by any name) of the type recognized by the law or the rules of their religion or nationality, or ordinarily used his community.

The decree provides for the defense of trust (which may be a guardian). Protector may be given the opportunity to address the trustee and appoint new or additional trustees.

The rule against perpetual was abolished, and the accumulation of income throughout the full term, you can trust.

Fraudulent Dispositions decree provides that a fraudulent disposition vulnerable creditor, provided that the parent is insolvent at the time of disposition or became so as a result of this, and provided that the lender starts its activities within three years from the date that the assets were settled in trust. The burden of proof that the mediator was or became insolvent as a result of transfer to the lender.

In respect of the asset (or creditor) protection trusts, therefore, Anguilla deliberately adopted a more conservative approach than some jurisdictions.

Where the trust is created under the laws of Anguilla, the Court should not change it, set it aside or recognize the actions of any claims in respect of trust property in accordance with the laws of another State, or to the order of another court in relation to:

* Entry into marriage or its termination;
* The rights of inheritance;
* The claims of creditors in bankruptcy;
* The establishment of any foreign taxes and duties.

Limited Partnership Ordinance provides an attractive investment vehicle, in particular for attracting venture capital, which allows a limited liability partnership with the exclusion of liability.

The Government of Anguilla is positioned as a territory and a regulated financial services center of gravity just the quality of the business. There are no "brass plate" banks, and none will be accepted. As a rule, only banks, subsidiaries or branches of banks with established reputations, which are subject to effective consolidated supervision of their home authority will be licensed as an offshore bank in Anguilla.

Today, in spite of the financial services jurisdiction can hope to succeed if it is well regulated. Anguilla is no exception.

It is of paramount importance for the government's reputation is not tarnished by the use of Anguilla's jurisdiction for money laundering or other illegal purposes. For this reason, all licensed institutions are expected to conduct due diligence and "know your customer" checks so that they are satisfied as to the identity of their clients and the legal origin of their clients.

Although the confidentiality of commercial information is provided by law, the authorities Anguilla will fully cooperate with law enforcement and regulatory authorities in other countries in the case of illegality. As in other reputable jurisdictions, the Department of Financial Services, subject to safeguards to protect legitimate business, the opportunity to share regulatory information with overseas regulators.

Anguilla already has a well established professional infrastructure. The Government recognizes that in the relatively new jurisdiction, expansion of the sector will benefit the economy. Applications from suitable professionals and organizations in the industry, so you're welcome. Any organization wishing to establish in this sector will need to demonstrate that it is ready to create a real business on the island and multi-year work permit program has been introduced to facilitate this. In addition, in the case of a licensed establishment, management or managed basis for issuing a license to be considered. This will entail complete management and administration of the business licensee equivalent licensed facility on the island.





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