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We are specialists in the company's plant in the Seychelles. We are on the Seychelles, and specializes in company formation Seychelles Seychelles IBC. We offer offshore registration services in Seychelles and the subsequent support required for the normal functioning and legal Seychelles offshore companies - such as the provision of registered office and agent, provision of nominee directors and shareholders, preparation and filing of necessary returns and a range of further offshore services. Seychelles is one of the most frequently recommended that offshore tax havens for those seeking an effective and secure offshore company structure because of its dynamism and competitiveness even in the OECD high-pressure and pressure from other reputable offshore centers.

Where are we? "The Source", and focus on Seychelles company setting will provide the highest level of competence and confidentiality. It also allows you to enjoy very competitive fees. Especially if you are a professional client and look at the company in the Seychelles on a regular basis. Warehouse Seychelles offshore ICD is available for immediate purchase. Just as well, you can customize your own personal Seychelles offshore IBC to match your specific requirements. Full range of additional services can be introduced to the Seychelles Offshore IBC - like nominee services, full management companies, banks, implementation, and communication services.

Seychelles are a group of 100 islands located in the Indian Ocean, the largest island, Mahe time. The population is about 72,000 multi-ethnic backgrounds primarily from French settlers, African slaves, British sailors and traders from India, China and the Middle East.

The islands were mostly Portuguese explorer in 1502 and was first inhabited by the French in 1770. During the Napoleonic Wars, the islands were seized by the British and were given to them in 1814. Seychelles is currently an independent republic within the British Commonwealth.

The official language is English. However, the Creole spoken widely, and many also speak French.

It is virtually impossible for unscrupulous individuals to enter the safe shield, which the company offers you a BIC because of privacy laws and regulations that many islands had formed. After a great benefit to the Seychelles, the company is that the ICD does not want to disclose the name of the directors or company owners. In fact, none of the information relating to the Company to be disclosed. This means that it is virtually impossible to separate the name that will be associated with this facility in the Seychelles.

Setting up a company in the Seychelles was one of the best options for many people who want to go offshore and who wanted to provide a high level of protection available. Without a doubt, the Seychelles could ensure that the set of islands is constantly subject to the legislation on the protection of the interests of the people. Companies in the Seychelles can be used for a number of business-related activities, including offshore investment holdings, trading, import and export, e-commerce, consulting and more. Because, as the flexible adjustment of the Seychelles, most people will vouch that it is a relatively easy thing to fix.

Seychelles is called a stable and independent jurisdiction. Company Formation Seychelles offers unparalleled privacy there is no requirement in the Seychelles, to disclose individual directors or owners of a particular company. There are no restrictions on the movement of stocks, as well as the inclusion process, as a rule, very quickly, and attract low fee registration. There is no requirement for the board of directors, a shareholder and one director is sufficient to meet the minimum requirements for the establishment of the Seychelles.

If the main concern is to protect and ensure the assets of your company, you should consider the company the Seychelles as an option to get your business included. Since its establishment in the jurisdiction of the Seychelles means that it will be fully protected against any attempts to gain access to assets or information about your company. This jurisdiction has been rich history of successful defense of the assets of many business owners that they can rest assured with peace of mind.

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