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Going Offshore: Professional only!

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ALC Group continues to closely monitor all the latest developments in the marine world, that is what law offer the most attractive solutions to banking solution is supplied, and so on. We go back and compare, so you do not have to.

The transition from the shore in simple terms means the space savings, investments, assets or business interests outside of their country. Usually one of the many offshore financial centers, sometimes called tax havens. Offshore financial center (tax shelters) is a country or region that has very favorable tax benefits, and it means that your savings, investments, assets and profits of an enterprise can grow virtually free of any taxation. However, taxation is only one reason to go to sea. Any of these can cause to opt for an offshore solution - and all professionals are welcome!

Offshore Partnerships Sharing Success

In our version of our partner-partner law firm Premier shares of offshore outsourcing business partner. Alpha Consulting makes certain investments in partnerships, such as providing discounts for our services or to invest in our know-how. According to our investments, we will get a share of profit from the project.

This option has proved very effective in the long-term outsourcing partnership. This will reduce initial costs and enables both parties to ensure that each partner will do everything possible to project a success.

In terms of organization, there are three types of outsourcing, what we practice: project-based programs at the time of the program, as well as mixed programs.







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