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Why with ALC?

If you visit our web site for the first time, we thank you for your interest and hope that you find our website is the perfect place where you can choose the solution that will meet your tax heaven. If you are our client, we would like to thank you for giving us confidence and we expect to perform to your highest expectations. Our performance is always focused on the customer as the most important thing for our company is customer satisfaction.

While we can not personally meet all our clients, we have developed other forms of communication to keep closer to our customers and assist them in their service needs. For example, when we see the need to introduce new language on our site, we'll do it as soon as possible, in including the provision of customer services in this new language. In connection with our products and services that we intend to cover more of the requirements by studying the latest innovations and trends in order to keep pace with the financial markets and bring the latest internet banking. Of course, We never compromise the security and confidentiality. These two issues are the cornerstones of ALC-Offshore.


A commitment to excellence, customer service, and respect for private life are the ideals of our company. ALC will serve their customers, being mindful of its responsibilities to the jurisdiction in which it is licensed, as well as its duty to protect and preserve client confidentiality. Regardless of your priorities, we will work to understand where you are now and what you want from life - then use our experience to help you get here. We know that it takes time to form a strong, trusting relationships. The ALC-OFFSHORE We give you the time commitment

If you want to visit us you can do so at our head office in Seychelles or in our European offices in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Ukraine and Russia. We are very pleased to welcome you and answer your questions. Once again, thank you for visiting and we hope to maintain satisfaction with the highest possible level in the coming years.





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