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Belize Offshore Company MBC

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Belize is recognized worldwide as one of the best tax havens "for safe offshore banks, offshore accounts, company formations IBC and secure offshore trusts. All to give you maximum privacy, worry-free asset protection, wealth building and tax-free investment a financial firm and reliable country's laws are designed so that no one can touch your property or know to whom they belong.

International Business Companies Act was passed in Belize in the early 1990's, along with several other offshore adoption laws. This has led to increased interest in Belize as a low-tax jurisdiction. More than 3000 IBC was registered in Belize, from 1990 to 1997 under the Companies Act 1990, based on modern corporate legislation, the privileges extended and absolute confidentiality. Belize IBC Act is based on the best features of the legislation adopted in other countries offering offshore registration. Belize offshore legislation also includes activities such as registration of merchant shipping law in 1989, International Business Companies Act in 1990, funds in 1992 and the Offshore Banking Act in 1996.

Development of the marine industry continues, and by March 2000 the total number of offshore companies has reached 14 000.

Now in an offshore jurisdiction assessments issued by the Swiss company, Guaranty Trust Ltd and was on many criteria, including banking secrecy, the legal system, communications and tax regime, put Belize at the top of her listYou want your money to be safe and protected in such a personality Thus, we show you how by providing free advice in the offshore financial services tailored to maximize profits and minimize your liabilities and taxes. Join the thousands of clients we have helped over the years taken offshore banking haven tax.

Receive free offshore banking information, documents and advice, plus bank details to let you go about your business in private banks to secure Belize and the three other most popular banks we use in other taxes Caribbean islands, to give you a general asset protection.

To shield himself, bank accounts should be established in the name of International Business Company [] IBC which gives you absolute privacy and protection. There is no annual company returns to present and directors and shareholders remain anonymous. We offer one day of offshore services business registration with our law firm in Belize to ICD documents delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

Here's a good bit: enabled, will be free of bank and brokerage details a selection of offshore banks and brokers, which we use ourselves duty-free bank accounts and online trading, providing quick access to your computer from anywhere in the world. You will also get free information on high-yield offshore investment as part of your package.

If you prefer a bank account of IBC can be in another jurisdiction, so we offer you a choice of four sound banks we use in Belize and the Caribbean, including two major forms of marine brokers can be safely used to trade stocks, options, Forex, Futures and Mutual Fund investment with all profits are free from taxation.


Belize IBCs are not subject to taxation, even without tax


Registered agent of Belize are legally obliged to care about the privacy of its customers. Doing so may lead to loss of their licenses, as well as in court. In this regard, the names of directors and shareholders of the IBC do not appear on any documents

Property management

Careful planning and structuring of existing assets and income allows for onward transmission to other individuals with minimum tax liability

Asset Protection

The transfer of assets in Belize IBC will effectively protect it from any future legal claims.

  • No exchange control
  • Shares may be issued - identity to be hidden from the public
  • Belize Government does not require any corporate reports on MBC maritime activities
  • Annual meetings are not mandatory
  • Director and shareholder meeting should not be held in Belize
  • Minimum number of directors and shareholders may be one
  • No tax returns or annual reports required




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